Science Talk: Passive House Principles with Paul Schilling

When: Sat, Oct 14, 2023 at 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Secular Hub
254 Knox Ct
Denver, CO 80219

For our October Science Talk, the Hub's own Paul Schilling will be speaking about Passive House Principles:


The passive house standard is the world's leading standard in building energy efficiency construction. The standard encompasses five basic principles: glazing, thermal insulation, HVAC, airtightness and thermal bridging. The goal of passive house is to provide maximum comfort at a minimal expense. While the systems incorporated in Passive House design are technical in nature, the end goal is human comfort. As it turns out, the most efficient buildings are also the most comfortable. This is because comfort, in living spaces, is defined by air temperature, air freshness and the amount of time the air temperature remains within the comfort range suitable to human beings. The smaller the temperature range within a house, the more comfortable the people who live there feel. Also, the longer the comfort range is maintained, the more comfortable the living space feels. There are multiple methods for achieving this comfort range. This presentation will demonstrate the different methods for achieving comfort withing living spaces at a low cost. Topics will include:

The basic concepts of Passive House design

  1. The psychology of living in a Passive House (how the house feels)

  2. Passive House Retrofitting techniques

  3. When should you do a passive house upgrade and where?

  4. Passive house options for renters

  5. Open up the floor for questions


Paul Schilling has been researching Passive House design for the last 10 years and has implemented Passive House standards in three different properties. Currently, he is undergoing a complete Passive House retrofit on the house where he lives. Paul has multiple slides and methods to share with the attendees of this presentation and will have a mock up one of the walls to show what it would look like in real time.


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