The Influence Continuum: How You are Manipulated and How to Prevent It

When: Sat, Jun 10, 2023 at 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Secular Hub
254 Knox Ct
Denver, CO 80219

Rescheduled for the June 10th science lecture:
Chris Shelton is presenting The Influence Continuum: How You are Manipulated and How to Prevent It

Propaganda, fake news and misinformation are concerns everyone has these days and with good reason. Through the use of innuendo, emotional manipulation and clever use of half-truths, people can be fooled into thinking all kinds of nonsensical things, whether it be in the fields of religion, politics or even science. This all falls under the subject of influence and how we can be influenced, a field of social science which has received a great deal of study in the last few decades but which has not been as widely understood as it should be. In this talk, Chris will show the anatomy of influence, how it operates on a spectrum of overt to covert manipulation and what red flags you might watch for to detect whether an individual, group or media source may be trying to unduly influence you in your decisions. If you've ever wondered how extremist beliefs or ideas can take hold of a person, this presentation may just provide some answers.

Chris Shelton is a former cult member who escaped from a lifetime of indoctrination and abuse, started a YouTube channel to educate the public about coercive or cultic control, undue influence and brainwashing, has written a book on the subject of Scientology and why that group is a destructive, high-control group and has spoken at the Secular Hub many times on these topics. He hosts a weekly podcast, a call-in show and a Q&A, has been featured on the Emmy-award winning Scientology and the Aftermath television documentary series and has appeared on a number of media platforms discussing cultic influence.

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