Southeast Area Dinner at Darcy's Bistro - Memorial Day version

When: Mon, May 29, 2023 at 5:00pm

Darcy's Bistro & Pub
4955 S Ulster St Ste 103
Denver, CO, 80237

Yes, it's Memorial Day but there may be some of you who are NOT going out of town, doing a barbeque or attending a picnic. We will still be doing our last-Monday-of-the-month dinner at Darcy's.
This is an American & Irish-themed Pub that has Happy Hour until 6pm, which is why the start time is at 5:00. Hopefully most attendees can arrive and order before 6:00. Darcy's has a more-or-less private room ("the Library") that we can use, but if we want it TRULY private an extra fee is required which is not in the plans. This only means that if the restaurant gets busy they may put other parties in that same room. Your host was told that on a Monday night this will be unlikely.
Darcy's does not have a website but if you want to check out the menu or anything else you can just Google "Darcy's Bistro & Pub" in Greenwood Village. It is listed in Yelp, Zomato, etc.
They are able to handle separate checks.
The reservation is under your host's name or you can ask for the group in the Library. Please RSVP as an accurate head-count would be appreciated.

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