The Saga of Climate Change - Science Talk with Phil Nelson

When: Sat, May 14, 2022 at 5:00pm

Secular Hub
254 Knox Ct.
Denver, co, 80219

Join us for our monthly Science Talk with Phil Nelson! We will start at 5:00 and then likely a group of us will go out to dinner afterwards if you care to join. See you there!

The Saga of Climate Change:  A Play in Three Acts
 Climate change, sometimes called a wicked problem, confounds us because of its long duration, longer than a human lifetime.  Let’s cast it as a three-act play, with the first act beginning in 1958, as Charles Keeling initiates measurement of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Action continues with scientific modeling and measurement until opposition builds in the 1990s and the curtain falls on Act One.  We live now in Act Two, dealing belatedly with a global problem.  Many actors have joined the scientists on the stage; spectators throng to the stage and join the fray.  The sum of our actions will set the course of Act Three, when the curtain rises in the not-too-far distant future.

*Phil Nelson is chair of the Golden, Colorado Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a non-profit group that seeks national legislation to reduce climate change.  He has B.S. and PhD. degrees in geophysics from MIT and has worked for Kennecott Copper, Standard Oil of Ohio, and the US Geological Survey, where his work focused on improving the technologies for finding and extracting minerals and oil and gas, and for disposal of radioactive waste.  Since retiring, he devotes much of his time to Citizens’ Climate Lobby and also lectures on climate change and extreme weather events to various civic groups.*  

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