Biweekly Meditation Meetup

When: Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 7:00pm

Secular Hub
3100 Downing #C
Denver, CO, 80205

Tired of going to a meditation group and having to listen to irrational dogma from a "guru?" Want a group where your fellow meditators won't ask you what your horoscope sign is? This group may be for you. We meet every other Wednesday to explore the world of meditation. Whatever your experience level is, all are welcome. And nothing religious or supernatural will be discussed. So join us for meditation and social connection!

Remember meditation may stir up strong emotions such as crying, and these should be met with complete approval of whoever's experiencing them. They may want space, or comfort, or something else. Whatever the case, all reactions are equally valid.

P.S. To keep up with the small cost of running this event, there's a suggested donation of $1-$5.

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