Secular Hub Board of Directors

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Greg Douros


As a long-time atheist, I had been searching for a group like the Secular Hub where I could use my experience and enthusiasm to help build a community for the non-religious along the Front Range. My aim is to help the Hub continue to grow as an organization and connection to our affiliate groups through outreach to the surging numbers of non-believers, especially millennials. We can achieve this through increasing opportunities for our members to get involved in the Hub, be it through secular activism, community service, or Hub events. The soaring interest in science and secularism is a chance to raise the people of Colorado’s awareness and understanding of atheism. I’m also excited about our new Building Fund Campaign to purchase a bigger space for the Hub and accommodate its growing membership.

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Barbara Sannwald

Vice Chair

Barbara Sannwald is an independent consultant in Information Technology. She received an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from the University of Denver. Barbara has been involved in the secular community in Denver since 2007 as a member of the Humanists of Colorado (HOC) and eventually a founder and member of the Secular Hub. She coordinated the HOC book group from 2008 to 2014 and served the HOC in other capacities such as proofreading the monthly HOC newsletter, greeting newcomers at HOC meetings, staffing the secular booth at the People’s Fair, and hosting Winter Solstice gatherings.

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Becky Greben


Becky grew up in a non-believing family in Chicago and moved to Denver in 1980 where she later joined the Humanists of Colorado and the (now defunct) Rocky Mountain Skeptics. She is a long time member of the national organizations The Center for Inquiry (publisher of Free Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer magazines), and the National Center for Science Education. She is one of the founders of the Secular Hub. Becky holds Bachelor degrees in psychology and geology. She is retired from state government where she was the manager of several medical services programs in the Division of Workers’ Compensation. She is currently secretary of the Metro Denver chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and also the board secretary for the Western Interior Paleontological Society. She has been a volunteer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for more than 21 years (working in the fossil preparation lab), and volunteers annually as a judge for the high school state science fair held at CSU.

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Dianne Bailey


• Focus Areas: finances, bylaws, organization
• Affiliations: American Humanists Association, Freedom From Religion Foundation, American Association of University Women
Dianne’s experience comes from 16 years of political activism and 10 years of membership in a local branch of AAUW. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers, an M.A. in Psych Research from NAU and an M.A. in Public Policy from CU Denver. After reading the book “Good Without God,” it became clear to her that she is a Humanist. The book made references to the AHA. I sought out the organization online, and discovered that they would be holding a conference in Denver. I went and connected with Dave and Kimberly. I have been a member of the Secular Hub since May 2015, and I have been Treasurer since May 2015.

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Dirk Huizenga


I have been a non-religious person most of my life, but have very seldom have been in the company of atheists more than one other at a time. About seven years ago, I started getting involved with secular groups in Colorado. I think the secular community needs more of a voice in our society and I want to help that happen. Also the separation of church and state needs to be protected. I want to be more involved and help the Secular Hub community expand.

My qualifications for Secular Hub Board Member are:

  • Started and ran my own Information Technology consulting business for 20 years;
  • Past board member for 2 non-profit organizations;
  • Started a non-profit, Denver Center for Democracy in Colorado;
  • Have Information Technology experience in many areas and all levels;
  • Worked on the Secular Hub Marketing committee developing and performed a survey of the membership in 2015, and worked on marketing materials;
  • Developed membership database software for the Secular Hub working with members over several months.

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Chris Shelton


I was born and raised in California, having arrived to Denver about 2-1/2 years ago by way of a short stay in Minnesota. I was raised a Scientologist and worked for that organization for many years but finally escaped at the end of 2012. My background in destructive cults and organized religion has given me a unique perspective on the potential damage that can be caused by radical or extremist belief systems and why these need to be combated. While I’ve not served in an official capacity as a board member before, I have a great deal of executive, logistics, planning, speaking and copy writing experience which I think could be of value to move forward the mission and purposes of The Secular Hub. Having been an active participant in this group for the past few years, I want to do what I can to help the skeptic community in our area.

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Chauncey Williams


Chauncey joined the Secular Hub shortly after its founding (and his arrival to Denver) in 2013. After volunteering at a Colorado Secular Conference, he was inspired to seek other opportunities to contribute, leading to him serving as the first organizer of the Secular Hub’s Community Service Committee (a precursor to the Secular Volunteer Corps). Since, he has participated in and helped organize a number of secular community events. Prior to arriving in Denver, Chauncey lived in Phoenix and Houston. In both locations, he was an avid volunteer, supporting hunger and disaster relief efforts, road races, community gardening, and efforts to fight childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. Chauncey has also taken on leadership positions in professional and community organizations. For fun, Chauncey likes to hike and sample the local cuisine.

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