2 - A Discussion with Melissa Huff & Dr. Caleb Lack of the Secular Therapist Project

by Jesse Gilbertson | Sun, Oct 15, 2017 | Podcast

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Jesse Gilbertson welcomes Melissa Huff to the HubCast. They discuss her background, values, interests, and hopes regarding the Secular Hub and the larger secular movement. Melissa mentions activist and science advocate AronRa’s 2016 visit to the Secular Hub, her involvement in the Secular Sisterhood and her career goals.

Later, Melissa interviews Dr. Caleb Lack. Dr. Lack is a clinical psychologist, professor, author, skeptic and activist. Currently, he is the Director of the Secular Therapist Project which aims to bring together non-religious persons seeking mental health treatment with secular, evidence-based providers. Melissa and Dr. Lack discuss mental health and the Secular Therapist Project.

More information about this episode:

Dr. Caleb Lack: www.caleblack.com

Secular Therapy Project: https://www.seculartherapy.org/

Host(s): Jesse Gilbertson, Melissa Huff

Guests: Melissa Huff, Caleb Lack

The views and opinions expressed are those of their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Secular Hub.


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